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Hikvision AX PRO Duress Silent Alarm Security Kit, DS-PWA96-Kit-WB AX PRO, Panic Buttons

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Hikvision AX PRO Duress Silent Alarm Security Kit

DS-PWA96-Kit-WB AX PRO, Panic Buttons

AX PRO Duress Kit is perfect for:

  • Elderly living alone
  • Families with less abled people
  • Victims of domestic violence
  • Commercial premises likely to experience duress situations

When the duress button is pressed, it will send a signal to the Hikvision AX Pro Panel, which will then either via sim card or internet, make a phone call or push notification on others set up on the system without any sound.

Comprises of:

Datasheet  for Main Unit DS-PWA96-M-WB Wireless 4G Control Panel


  • TCP/IP, Wi-Fi, and 3/4G network
  • New generation wireless protocol: Tri-X/Cam-X
  • Long RF transmission distance
  • Two-way communication with AES-128 encryption
  • Connects up to 96 wireless zones/outputs (including 48 PIRCAMs), 48 wireless keyfobs, 4 repeaters, 6 sounders, 8 tag readers & keypads.
  • Supports up to 48 network users, including 1 installer, 1 administrator, and 46 normal users
  • Voice prompt
  • Configuration via Web client, mobile client, and Convergence Cloud
  • Hik-Connect and Hik-ProConnect configuration depends on the user access level
  • Pushes alarm notification via messages or phone calls
  • Views live videos from Hik-Connect
  • Alarm video clips via emails and APP
  • Supports LED indicator to indicates system status
  • 4520 mAh lithium backup battery
  • SIA-DC09 protocol, and supports both Contact ID and SIA data format
  • Supports Hik-IP Receiver and Hik-IP Receiver Pro for ARC communication
Software Features
  • Tag 32
  • Area 16
  • Zones 96 (up to 48 PIRCAMs)
  • Installer 1
  • User 30
  • Admin 1
  • Voice Prompt Supported
  • Loudspeaker Built In Supported
  • Memory Log Stored 5000
  • Programming Tools Hik-Connect/Hik-ProConnect/Web Portal/ IVMS4200/ Convergence Cloud
  • Firmware Upgrade APP/Web Portal
  • Arm Modes Away/Stay
  • Automatic Arm/Disarm Timers Supported
  • Forced Arming With Open Zones Supported
  • Diagnostics Via The APP Or Web Supported
ARC Protocol
  • SIA DC09(SIA level 2, Contact ID), ISUP, ISAPI (SDK)
  • Hik-IP Receiver & Hik-IP Receiver Pro (Sur-Gard & Ademco 685)
  • Supports video verification and remote control
User APP For Operating
  • Supported
  • Installer APP For ProgrammingSupported
  • Web Server For Maintenance (Offline Configuration)Supported
Hardware Features
  • RS232 Output Supported
  • SIM Slot Single
RF Transmission
  • RF Frequency 433Mhz
  • Wireless SecurityFrequency Hoping 128 AES Encryption
  • GPRS On Board Supported
Electrical Characteristics
  • Power Supply Built in power supply
  • Battery Type Built in on board Battery Li
  • Battery Life Span 12 hours
Wireless Transmission
  • Wired Network Supported
  • Wi-Fi Standard Supported
  • LEDs Status Arm/Disarm, Alarm, Tamper, Fault, Cloud, Power
  • Operation Temperature  -10 °C to +55 °C
  • Shell Material Plastic
  • Dimension(WxHxD)170.0 mm (6.7″) x 170.0 (6.7″) mm x 38.6 mm (1.5″)
  • 557.5 g(19.7 oz)
  • ColorWhite
Device Management
  • Keyfob 32
  • Wireless Sounder 4
  • Keypad 8 (Including Tag reader)
  • Wireless Repeater 2
  • PIR Cam Supported